IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Login and Registration Changes for Tiger Live!

After 1830 on 12/04/2023 The Login and Registration steps for Tiger Live! will be different.

Clicking either on Login or Register will take you to a new page (shown below). If you are an existing user then:

• When you arrive at the new Login/Registration page log in with your username and password.

• If you do not have an account with Macmillan Education at all then you must create one before logging in using the "Registration" button. If you have an account with google than you have the option to register with that account if you choose to do so.

If you are an existing Live! user but have never had an account in mee then during your first login at the white login page you may be asked for your age and to agree to terms and conditions.

When you have done this you will be shown the bookshelf on the mee portal. Please close the browser and login again on Live! this time you should go directly to you products on Live!
Thank you.

Mee Login

• Redeeming codes/Adding products and viewing/editing your profile.
To add products you need to go to the Macmillan Education Everywhere Portal here.

Log in with you username and password there.
You will see a bookshelf/products page where you can view/edit your profile and add products (activate codes).

Profile and Activate Code

Creating classes and joining a class work exactly as before, you can enter your name along with the class key. Also if you are a teacher you can edit your student's names if they make a mistake.

Marsupial Users: For Marsupial users there is no change since registration and code activation is automatic
Also there is no change with classes and using the markbook, as is the same for users who log in manually. No change.

If you want to register for Macmillan eBooks you can still go here
directly: eBook registration or go to the new login/register page and choose register from there.

Return to Tiger Live!

For further information and help please contact Customer Services Thank you.